12-15March 2020


Dear Sirs!

On March 12 – 15, 2020  in the frameworks of the International Building Forum VIRA UKRAINE! took place the specialized exhibition of power-saving technologies and engineering systems VIRA INSTAL!

The development of the building industry, transformation and raising of housing and communal services in Ukraine has led to sufficient increases of buildings and volume of constructions engineering equipping market, activated developers and suppliers of engineering systems. 
The main aim of VIRA INSTAL! Exhibition is to demonstrate the newest power-saving technologies and engineering systems, to attract the new clients and partners, to exchange the experience, to develop the market of engineering providing of buildings and structures.

Main topics of VIRA INSTAL! exhibition:

  • Power-saving technologies
  • Ventilation and Conditioning
  • Heating technologies
  • Water supply and waste-water technology
  • Gas supply
  • Swimming pools, baths and saunas
  • Pumps and armature
  • Sanitary technologies and equipmentа
  • Electrical equipment
  • Assembly machinery and equipment
  • Insulation materials and technologies
  • Measuring, control and regulating systems

Traditionally the competition VIRA! is held in the frames of VIRA UKRAINE! Exhibition, the winners of which are engineering and building companies, where are actively implemented innovation technologies and engineering providing of building objects. The following nominations are stipulated for the companies working in area of projecting and mounting of engineering providing systems:

  • Engineering provision of residential buildings
  • Engineering provision of social buildings
  • Engineering provision of industrial buildings
  • Engineering provision of special purpose buildings and constructions

Partners on organization of thematic conferences and seminars are: the leading projecting institute “Kievproject” and Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture.