Exhibition Center “Odessa Home” holds exhibitions on the territory of the passenger complex of Odessa Sea Commercial Port.

The central hall of the passenger complex has a total area of 3000 sq.m, including balconies with an area of 700 sq.m. The height of the hall in the central part is 12 meters; the height of the hall under the balconies is about 3 meters, over the balconies – more than 8 meters. 

The hall of the restaurant with an area of 400 square meters is often used for conferences, but can also be used as an additional exhibition area, together with adjoining open balconies of 600 square meters.

On the territory of the passenger complex there is a Yacht Club with boathouses of 1,500 square meters and the Marine Art Terminal with an area of 700 square meters, which are also periodically used for exhibitions and conferences.

The open area of the passenger complex (more than 20000 square meters) allows placing tent pavilions and extensive open-air expositions on it.  

AMBIENCE ™ is an official representative in Ukraine of the RÖDER HTS HÖCKER ™ Company (Germany) and a partner of the Exhibition Center “Odessa Home” for the technical support of events of any scale and complexity, has a sufficient quantity of tent pavilions up to 2500 square meters. 

In 2018-2019 the Exhibition Center “Odessa Home” held several exhibitions in such pavilions on the territory of the Market 7 km and on the territory of the Fontan Sky shopping center.  


The passenger complex has five rooms from 100 to 700 square meters for conferences, seminars, competitions, small exhibitions and presentations.

The passenger complex is located in the city center, the distance from the railway station and bus station is less than 2 km, the distance from the airport is less than 10 km.  

The complex has 24-hour parking for 200 cars with a minimum daily parking fee in the city.

Within a radius of 2 km is not less than a hundred hotels, cafes and restaurants, as well as most of the cultural and architectural sights of Odessa.