1. Organizer provides exhibitors with space, equipment and services in accordance with the Application Form. 
  2. The organizer chooses the place of exhibition venue and develops a preliminary plan of exposition.
  3. All plans of the exposition distributed before the Exhibition opening are preliminary and the Organizer reserves the right to modify them.
  4. All Exhibition stands should be under the control of authorized representative of the Exhibitor throughout the hours of work.
  5. Organizer reserves the right to refuse to display exhibits which are likely to be dangerous, do not coincide with the Exhibition topics or do not belong to the actual exhibitor.
  6. To show moving exhibits which work under high voltage, when they contain poisonous, combustible, radioactive or inflammable substances, liquids under compression Exhibitors must get special written permission from Organizer.
  7. Exhibitor’s rights cannot be transferred to other organization or natural person. Exhibitor has no right to transfer the space rented in accordance with these Participation Terms and also to let it on sub-lease terms as a whole or partly.
  8. Exhibitor, his representatives and agents are fully liable for any damage caused by their actions or faults to the premises, other Exhibitors or Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to retain the property of the Exhibition Participant until all claims against it are satisfied.
  9. Exhibitors should follow all the requirements concerning firefighting.
  10. Exhibits must remain on the stands until the official closing of the Exhibition.
  11. Organizer is not held liable in cases of force majeure, including declaration of war, breaking of commercial relations, threat of terrorist action, epidemic, official special instructions of authorities, etc. If, for these reasons, the exhibition is canceled, the Organizer must, within 15 days from the date of the decision, announce the new dates for the exhibition or return to the participant the amount of payment made, minus the proportional part of his direct expenses incurred by this time. In addition to this amount, the Organizer does not reimburse any losses to the Exhibitor.
  12. Payment for the participation is made in accordance with invoices sent by Organizer. Reservation of the place is made after payment of the agreed advance payment. Total payment for space, equipment and ordered services should be made not later than 30 days before Exhibition opening.
  13. If the Exhibitor paid for the participation and after that decided to refuse to participate in the exhibition, the Organizer withholds 30% of the fee specified in the Agreement, if the refusal occurs no later than 60 days before the opening of the exhibition, and 100% after the specified period.
  14. If the Exhibition Participant does not occupy the exhibition space provided to him in accordance with the Agreement on Participation within 1 hour after the opening of the exhibition, the Organizer has the right to use this area at his own mind, including providing this area to another Participant.
  15. In case of violation of the Participation Terms, the exhibition space reserved for the Participant may be provided to another participant, and payments will not be returned.