Each exhibition organized by the Exhibition Center “Odessa Home” is accompanied by active advertising support, see

In addition, each Exhibitor is given the opportunity of additional advertising support during the preparation of the exhibition, during the exhibition and after the exhibition:           

Advertising support of exhibitor

Exhibition Center “Odessa Home” provides the following advertising opportunities to Exhibitors:

1.     Placement of publications on the achievements and innovations of the Exhibitor on the pages of the Organizer  and

up to 20 thousand impressions – without additional payments, up to 200 thousand impressions – on actual expenses for advertising with the settings of the target audience of the Participant.

2.     Placing informational and advertising stories of the Exhibitor on Ukrainian TV channels at preferential exhibition rates with free duplication on the Organizer’s pages in social networks. 

3.     Preparation and placement of publications in print media – information partners of exhibitions.

4.     Placement of information and advertising plots of event partners during professional conferences, symposiums, festivals, competitions and other events during the exhibition on a large screen in the exhibition hall.

5.     Placement of advertising structures and banners in the exhibition area.

6.     Distribution of the Participant’s advertising products to the target audience of the Participant using the Exhibition’s Information Partners and courier services.

7.     Placement of the Participant’s promotional materials in the information service of the Organizer.

8.     Broadcast audio clips and/or advertisements of the Participant on the exhibition radio.